Welcome to 2bi2


By: K

This is a blog about making things like art, crafts, and food. Planning things like parties and bullet journaling. Being things like polyamorous and low carb. And figuring things out as we go.

My name is K, and I’ll be our blog runner. There will be others posting frequently because, as you might have gathered from the tagline, I am polyamorous and my other partners, who are amazing, creative people, will be guest starring on the site as well. So although those parts of the blog are sort of, out of the ordinary, a lot of it will be crafts, food, neat ideas we’ve tried, and all the rest. So come for the polyamory, come for the crafts – we welcome all.

Our name: 2bi2 – Two straight guys, two bi girls – a 2 by 2 square and reminiscent of a crafty piece of wood (see what we did there?).

If you’re here for the poly, some background: My husband (C) and I decided to live a poly lifestyle almost two years ago. We’ve been together for 12 years and married for eight. In the beginning we went out as singles and dated a bit. It went pretty well, but our lives really changed when we met J and E. Dating a couple was incredibly different because it instantly drew us all together quickly and closely. We have a group dynamic, triad dynamics, and couple dynamics. It’s like we each have two relationships.

My friend drew this handy chart of our relationship connections that she uses when she explains what’s going on to others:


(The blue lines represent intimate relationships, the yellow circles signify which couples are married, and the dotted line means friendship – the red X reinforces that the men don’t have a sexual relationship).

I can (and will) wax poetically about the wonders (and struggles) of quad life, but there are many more posts for that. Stay tuned!

If you’re here for awesome craftiness: I’m an artist and graphic designer. J is a cook and crafter. Then men are into woodworking, board games, home improvement, and pets. We’re all into travel, outdoor time, party planning, DIY, and mimosas. We’ll post things that we do, how to do them yourselves, and the stuff we’ve used to do them.

So welcome! Please follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

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