Quick poly story

I am not out about my polyamory to my coworkers and plan never to be, which makes this quick story from today interesting. My colleagues and I were standing around, talking about the members of the public who come to our public events. We each have at least one person whom, when we see, we generally try to avoid. Mine is a former boss who always gave off a weird vibe.

A lady coworker who doesn’t work here any longer had a persistent admirer who came to public events, and this guy was her ‘avoid’ person.

When we were talking today, my current coworker said this man had popped up on her OK Cupid. And she saw he was polyamorous.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she said. “That’s why he brought so many dates (to our events) and still asked her out! I guess he wants to keep his options open.”

I kept my face as plain as possible and waited for the conversation to move on, which thankfully it did without much musing on the topic. I congratulated myself on not letting on.

Later, when recalling it, I thought about that last part. Keeping my options open doesn’t feel like it factors into what I’m doing. It’s always been about loving, exploring, connecting. Living a full life with an abundance of love. Of course, options could be a motivating factor for some. I’ve not met many poly people in real life, so I suppose it’s entirely possible.

The moment was full of dramatic irony, though, and so of course I immediately texted the quad, and we all had a good laugh. I like that they’re always there for a good laugh. ❤

— K

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  1. People who are not into it think of poly in a simple way of expanding options. I don’t criticize them. They just don’t know how deep the instinct for polyamory is and how much work it takes to live in a balanced poly relationship.


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