Galentine’s Day craft: Handmade air freshener

This year, I’m throwing a Galentine’s Day party for my closest lady pals. Valentine’s Day can be a bit tricky for polyamorous people, so focusing on friends is a nice way to make the holiday fun. Plus, I love an excuse to throw a good party. I’m planning finger foods and mimosas for the house party (plus an activity I’ll post about later), then we’ll dress up head for dinner as a group.

I’m a bit behind on decorations, so I’ll post about those soon, but I’m currently making handmade air fresheners for all the attendees. This simple gift can be customized for each person with personal messages and specific scents. You could cut out images you already like for a collage-type piece, or create your own like I did. Here’s how I made mine.

What you’ll need:

    • Paper: I used a thick, porous one for the base layer, which I imagine would be better at soaking up the scent.
    • Things to decorate the paper: I used other colored paper and pens. But you could use glitter, washi tape, stickers, mementos, or pretty images cut from magazines. (P.S.┬ástickers are getting really awesome nowadays, whether you like dramatic llamas, encouraging sloths, or colorful cacti).
    • String or yarn to create the loop so it can be hung.
    • Scissors.
    • Glue/tape for yarn and for sticking any decorations onto the main background paper. I use this scrapbook glue for all my paper work. I find it wrinkles the paper the least of any I’ve tried so far.
    • Essential oil or perfume.
    • Tupperware or similar air-tight container.



First I drew out the approximate shape and size that I wanted the air freshener to be on some scrap paper.

I’m imagining these placed on a car rear view mirror, a bulletin board, or a doorknob. On one side, I did an inspiring message for my friend and on the other a cute illustration. You could also put a picture of you and the person on one side for a personal touch.

Then I used a coffee can lid to trace out two circles for my background (one for each side) onto the paper. I cut some more paper into decorative shapes and attached them with glue to the illustration side.

I wrote a message on the other side. I used similar colors on both sides to make them match.

Attached a yarn loop with glue on the inside of one of the sides (tape works, too). Make sure to give enough slack in the loop for whatever you think they’ll hang it on. Then line up the two sides and glue together the two pieces.


Now for the scenting. I chose a lavender essential oil for this that has been stashed in my bathroom for forever. You could also use a liquid or spray perfume. Your goal is to get a good amount of the scent onto a couple cotton balls. Be careful not to get any liquid directly on the piece, as the moisture will cause the paper to ripple. Seal your creation in an air-tight container.


Leave it in there for 24 hours at least. It should be smelling pretty when you take it out a day later. If it seems like it needs more, add more scent to the cotton balls and wait another day. Unlike a store-bought air freshener, this won’t last a super long time, but it’s much cuter, in my opinion. I like gifts that have a bit of usefulness to them, too. It’s like a greeting card that’s pulling double duty as an air freshener.

Happy crafting and happy Galentine’s Day.

— K

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