Review: Three poly-leaning shows

She’s Gotta Have It
(Netflix), grade: A

I know this is a remake, and I can’t give you comparisons between the two. I will say that I really enjoyed this first season. It reminded of that classic 90s Fresh Prince theme, but also brought in a modern twist. Her love cycle between the three men make me want to tip my hat and say, YAS QUEEN. Why can’t she have it? The represented poly element was fair, yet unique. It is poetic, vibrant and fully addresses what it’s like to be female, ethnic, young, polyamorous, pansexual, AND an artist. I can’t give enough praise to watch a show that finally made me feel good about how a complicated combination character could be portrayed. Especially in a positive light. I also really enjoyed the album covers of the songs being played, it brought a rich feeling of nostalgia to me. I am also a huge fan of the nudity involved. Maybe that’s just my thirst of more nudity in television. (Whoops).

I enjoy her dilemmas and her strength to be herself. She won’t let any of her lovers interfere with who she is as a woman, which I find is a common struggle in relationships. I hope we get to watch her character grow even further as she discovers what she wants in life. You might not be used to the style of the show, but get a few episodes in and you can’t really stop watching.

Overall it’s a very fun show and I look forward to how Nola transitions in her growth.

— J

(Netflix), grade: C

Season 1: There’s not much polyamory in the first season, but we do see one episode that tells the story of a couple who hops on an app to find a third and stumble across their cute childcare provider. Lots of cute “Is this real? Can we really do this?” discussion follows. Finally when they plan to do their threesome, they’re constantly interrupted by a fussy baby. Ah, real life (in my life it’s usually a dog interrupting). 

Season 2: This season features another open marriage story that tracks a couples’ first steps into dating new people. Luckily it ended happily. Not sure if I could emotionally deal with a story about how an open marriage destroyed a couple.

Overall I was left slightly puzzled by each episode. There wasn’t enough story. Some weren’t even about sex. What a strange show.

— K&J

(web series), grade: B+

This short eight-episode arc, available via vimeo, follows Annie, a young woman who ventures into Unicornland — that is participating as a third in various sexual encounters with couples. It’s a great look into the potential awkwardness that being a third can bring. It also does a good job of showing the variety of experiences that are possible. It doesn’t seem like she forms very long-term relationships with these people, so it’s more of an open dating type thing instead of true polyamory.

It’s a short show, so definitely worth the amount of time it takes to watch.

— K

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